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Where Cajun Began™

Welcome to St. Martin Parish

Where Cajun Began™

From dancing to shopping to exploring nature, St. Martin Parish offers a variety of activities for traveler's enjoyment. From houseboats to boutique hotels, St. Martin Parish offers a variety of accomodations to meet every traveler's needs.

Food is central to the culture here in St. Martin Parish. So many important things happen around food and the family table. Weddings, birthdays, celebrations of all kinds, wakes, hard conversations, long nights, and even the everyday, just-getting-by-on-a-weeknight meal. Food not only keeps us alive but also awakens our souls. Food is everything to us. It's not just about a meal. It's a way of life.

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Mange St. Martin

Mange St. Martin is the official campaign by St. Martin Parish Tourism to promote locals and tourists alike supporting locally-owned restaurants and food businesses.

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Plate Lunch Trail

Discover the best plate lunch spots in St. Martin Parish with our Plate Lunch Trail!"

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