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Semaine de la Francophonie Creative Placemaking Summit

Monday, April 17 - Tourism Day

"Sustaining Authenticity in Tourism"

Presenters:  St. Landry and St. Martin Parishes Tourist Commissions.

Panelists: TBA

Tuesday, April 18 - Saint Luc French Immersion Campus Day

"Visioning for Saint Luc French Immersion and Cultural Campus"

Presenter: Louisiana Culture Economy Foundation

Panelists: TBA

Wednesday, April 19 - CODOFIL Day

"The Future of the Language Creole in Louisiana"


Morning Panel : 10 am -noon


"L'identité Créole"


en française.


Moderator : Charles Larroque, directeur CODOFIL

*    Alton "Billy" Francis, Creole cowboy

*    Paul Cluse, retired educator, member of CREOLE, INC

*    Dustin Fuqua, ranger, Cane River National Heritage Area

*    Herbert Wiltz, member of CREOLE, INC.

*    Aaron Flegeance, retired educator, STMP School Board member, Captain of La Table Creole

*    Nathan Wendt, Creole linguist, Tulane University



Afternoon Panel : 1:30-3:30 pm 


"L'avenir du Créole"


en française and English.


*    Sandra Billeaudeau, retired educator, founding member of the Creole Heritage Center

*    Oliver Mayeu, Creole researcher/linguist

*    Charles Larroque, Executive director, CODOFIL

*    Nathan Wendt, Creole linguist, Tulane University

Thursday, April 20 - Economic Development

"Drivers of Economic Development"

Areas of focus: Future Fund, Tiny House and Creative Placemaking.

Presenters: St. Martin and St. Landry Parishes Economic Development Districts

Panelists: TBA

Afternoon Round Table: Ongoing "Placemaking Task Force" hosted by St. Landry Parish Economic Development discusses purpose, ongoing projects, barriers and progress. Task Force was created in 2016 and is represented by business and governmental representation from Sunset, Grand Coteau and Arnaudville.

Friday, April 21 -Environmental Sustainability.

"Don't Pollute Your Own House"

Presenter: Bayou Vermilion District.

Panelists: TBA

Afternoon Round Table: Ending the stream of "glass trash." Discussion on creation of glass recycling industry in Louisiana. Moderated by musician and environmentalist Linda Castle.

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